Why do I paint country life?

I spent half of my childhood hanging upside down from large branches of cherry trees, making cakes from mud, and chasing friends on meadows. I never knew it was good. I didn’t know anything else.

In my adult life I ended up living in a city. Luckily it was an Irish city, with backyards, rabbits, and tractors on the roads. Still, when I moved to East Cork after 10 years, it took me by surprise how much I actually missed the country. How everything felt so fresh, so close to heart, so good.

Slowly, month by month, my childhood memories started pouring in, and I realised how much joy this simple communion with nature has always given me. What if I could paint it, and share it, and make others appreciate what is already there, available to them within a reach of a hand.

What if I could bring peace and serenity to a modern, busy Irish home. What if my creations could not only dress walls but, more importantly, soothe souls? What if they could inspire contemplation, and bring viewers closer to loving life?

If I could do all this, wouldn’t I want to do it for the rest of my life?

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