Beata Means Happy



I'm Beata Dagiel and I welcome you to browse through my paintings and poems created in Cloyne, East Cork, Ireland.

My art reflects my interest in people's search for the best realisations of themselves and human pursue of happiness (and yes, I am so lucky that 'beata' is actually a Latin word for 'happy'!). In my art I am trying to explore human highs, those moments in life when we uncover the truth about the meaning of life, the fulness of it. It's often very little things, very unglamorous moments, seemingly meaningless, that unveil the great lessons in life. Like hoovering a bedroom, picking strawberries, counting grains of ray or noticing the beauty around us. Life is full of magic and I am trying to capture these little moments to make you stop and notice them, and appreciate the lessons they teach us.

Some of my paintings are accompanied by poems and songs.

I am currently working on three different series: 'Love Country Life', 'Mosaics' and my most recent - 'Ordinary Saints'. 

In my private live, I am a wife and a very uncool mum of teens. Professionally I'm a restaurant marketer, and a former teacher. I am the founder of @soulsessionsireland, where I sing and play guitar with other musicians with whom we occasionally organise contemplation, music and reflection events in Christian spirituality. For the love of East Cork I have recently partnered with @stayatsentio to produce our own wonderful East Cork postcards for our local stores.

If you wish to get to know more, I invite you to follow my posts on Instagram or Facebook @beatadagielart

Wishing you happy browsing,