Beata means Happy



You know you live a modern life when you wake up wishing the day had 28 hours, the word contemplation sounds alien to you, and you are watching motivational videos to remind yourself of the importance of silence.

My name is Beata Dagiel and I create soul soothing art for busy, modern homes. My ultimate goal is to inspire pure spiritual joy.

I paint in my home studio in Cloyne, East Cork, Ireland. I mix my paint with good vibrations, positive energy, and a single thought which you are very welcome to discover for yourself.

My art reflects my interest in people's search for the best realisations of themselves, their meaning of life, and their vision of an ideal world. Some of my paintings are accompanied by poems.

Here on this website I present my three series: 'Love Country Life', 'Mosaics' and my most recent series of 'Ordinary Saints'. 

Wishing you happy browsing,


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