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You know you live a modern life when you wake up wishing the day had 28 hours, the word contemplation sounds alien to you, and you are watching motivational videos to remind yourself of the importance of a simple smile.

This is exactly why you want your home to be haven of peace and serenity, where you can relax and reenergise. You want it to be full of joy, and radiate with good, positive energy. One way of achieving this, is by surrounding yourself with wall art that promotes exactly those kind of feelings.

I am Beata Dagiel, and I create soul soothing country art for busy, modern homes. My ultimate goal is to inspire pure spiritual joy.

I paint in my home studio in Cloyne, East Cork, Ireland. My inspiration comes from life in the countryside. I use country life scenes to magnify these moments in life when we overflow with positive emotions. My art will fill your house with good vibrations, gratitude and joy. I believe that the closer we are to nature the happier we are in our everyday lives.

I myself find peace in the picturesque East Cork landscapes, beach views, and the amazing Irish countryside. My art reflects my interest in people's search for spiritual joy and our contemplative nature. Some of my paintings are accompanied by poems.

My current series 'Country Girl' and 'Mosaics' take you on a journey to discover your very own peace of mind, the place where you find yourself in communion with nature and ultimately with life, where you are invited to stop, contemplate, and move on with trust. The scenes I paint and the poems I write are all about our need to feel centred, peaceful, grateful, and fulfilled. 

Child Playing with Seeds Country Life Painting

Being brought up in the countryside and then living in the city for 10 years, made me miss the simple things in life. I managed to ignore my need to be in communion with nature in my daily life until I moved to East Cork in 2016 and fell back in love with the countryside again. The fields, hills, smell of grass, spring, harvest, sheep and cows, tractors, farms, long walks, fresh eggs, and the breathtaking sunrises, all fill me with such joy and gratitude. I pour all these feelings into my art for you to derive from it! 

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