About Me



I'm Beata Dagiel and I welcome you to browse through paintings and poems created in my home studio in Cloyne, East Cork, Ireland.

My art explores the moments in life when we get a glimpse beyond what we can perceive with our eyes. It's often very little things, very unglamorous moments, seemingly meaningless, that unveil the truth about our being. Like hoovering a bedroom floor, picking strawberries, counting grains of ray or gazing at landscapes. Life is full of mysteries and clues on what's important and I share my little discoveries here through my art.

Some of my paintings are accompanied by poems and songs.

I am currently working on three different series: 'Irish Landscape Mosaics' (stained glass effect on canvas), 'Ordinary Saints', 'Country Life'

If you wish to get to know more, I invite you to follow my posts on Instagram or Facebook @beatadagielart

Wishing you happy browsing,