Poems — song

Green Fields

Surrounded by green fields, surrounded by water
A boat on a hill, with a sail full of wind
If the sun does come out, tell it I've been waiting
Waiting for its rays to warm up my skin

Not longing for the day to lower the sails
It's scary, I know, when silence falls in
Will it hurt to stay in this stillness forever
Or will it bring peace to the thunder within

You - a handful of ash, life lives without asking
Yes, they will leave when the time is right
And you'll be there for them, should they ever need it
With a kettle, and a blanket, and your...

The Stone Cottage Song

When the blue skies fell fast asleep
And cars got lined up up the lane
A little tune slipped through the cottage doors
Pulling sweet harmonies out to the rain

This tune was strumming strings of your heart
And waltzing wild with your mind
It softly wrapped 'round your spine
Making you leave your worries behind

Under the cover of the midnight sheets
The wind swept notes from the ground
It swiftly blew them up in the streets
Whispering: 'Be quick! Don't make a sound!'

This tune was strumming strings of your heart
And waltzing wild with your mind
Lighting smiles in your drowsy eyes
Making you leave all worries behind

© Copyright Beata...

Let It Be

her cramped palms covered her face
concealing fear, confusion and hate
why does this happen to me right now
when has this nightmare become my fate

her thoughts spinning, searching for peace
her fingers digging deep into skin
whatever happened to the blithe days
how can I find peace deep within

please world don't let me stay in this state
please love don't leave me alone in here
please life don't abandon my veins
please God don't walk away from me

and then this voice strong, calm and sound
painted a picture of a new start
it asked to trust though there's no sense
it asked to open the wounded heart

one tear...

Blithe Days

seed to seed
the sky is blue
one for me and one for you
there's no thunder
there's no rain
we shall always stay the same
watching flowers, grazing cows
running wild in tallest grass
playing in the sunny rays
those were our blithest days
nose to nose
and smile to smile
counting grains of harvest rye
all in silence
all in grace
these were our blithest days