The Soul Carver

Hello, it's me again
I know it's been a while
I'm sorry I left so quick last time
Without a hug or a goodbye
You haven't changed
Look at these walls
This quiet place of yours
It always makes me wanna cry
Can I just sit here watch you work?
And later, if you have the time,
Will you carve out the sorrow from my soul, and cover it in soft, white, soothing dust?
Melt my heart, and let the salty waters overflow?
Dig into my grimace and make it look like my long lost smile?
Polish the edges of my stubbornness?
Cut out the sarcasm, and chip my ego so that it stops being so vile?
So here we are again together in this room,
Sitting in silence, watching the time slowly pass by.
Me, the old Killkenny Limestone,
You, the hand that makes it all worthwhile..
*Copyright Beata Dagiel

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