Grandpa - Quality Print

Grandpa - Quality Print

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Grandpa - Quality Print from an original painting.

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PAPER prints sizes: 40x40cm or 60x60cm

CANVAS prints stretched on thick frame: 40x40cm or 60x60cm

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This painting brings back our parents and grandparents' childhood memories. When they were kids life seemed so much simpler. Not only there was little access to TV not to mention the internet, but also no plastic in their lives! Can you even imagine life without plastic? So their toys were not fun because of their colours or noises they made, but because of fun they provided. Pure and simple!

I am bringing back these beautiful memories in hope that there are lessons for us to learn from the past. Every moment now brings a new opportunity to be better, make wiser decisions, and enjoy life in its purest forms. 

Here is my very private memory of my own grandpa whom I loved dearly:

Ode to Grandpa ©

He, who was a perennial kid,

found joy in everything he did.

He, in whom youth was alive,

trusted his heart, not asking why.


He never judged any wrongs,

and raised his ash brows at know-it-alls.


And I remember, I knew him well.

He went through war, he survived hell!


Yet, when he rode on his motorbike,

his smiley eyes cheered all alike,

and at the road bends he used to shout

his mighty roar:



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