Let It Be, Lesson on Acceptance, Print on Paper or Canvas
Let It Be Poem by Beata Dagiel, Lesson on Acceptance
Let It Be Poem by Beata Dagiel, Lesson on Acceptance

Let It Be - Quality Print

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Let It Be - Quality Print from an original painting.

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Let it Be shows a lady covering her face with her hands. She feels like the whole world has fallen on her shoulders. She doesn't see the silver lining. This painting depicts her just before she accepts life as it is, and says the famous 'Let It Be'. In our adult lives we become comfortable looking at life as a struggle. We are constantly fighting something or for something. We don't trust in anything and anyone except ourselves. We never just let it be and we never just let it go. And it all feels kind of ok as long as we are not loosing, as long as our ego is fed with feeling better, stronger, nicer, quicker... than somebody else. But the wise man around the world are reminding us of this one lesson. Life lives anyway. It doesn't ask our ego for approval. The choice is ours (because unlike animals, we've been born with a choice). We can keep entertaining our ego, or let it be as it already is. To Let it Be means to trust that life makes sense, to be open to every opportunity that every moment brings to us, and, above all, to always choose love. 

Poem by Beata Dagiel

Let It Be ©

her cramped palms covered her face
concealing fear, confusion and hate
why does this happen to me right now
when has this nightmare become my fate

her thoughts spinning, searching for peace
her fingers digging deep into skin
whatever happened to the blithe days
how can I find peace deep within

please world don't let me stay in this state
please love don't leave me alone in here
please life don't abandon my veins
please God don't walk away from me

and then this voice strong, calm and sound
painted a picture of a new start
it asked to trust though there's no sense
it asked to open the wounded heart

one tear has dropped, crushing in pieces
it's salty crystals rolling around
her forehead softened its wrinkled creases
her screaming mouth didn't make a sound

the world stopped spinning at awe of this sight
the moon stopped pulling tides from the sea
calmness and strength filled up her eyes

her shoulders dropped, her mind went clear
whether she smiled, no one could see
but when she slowly opened her eyes
her purple lips let out this sound
these words of wisdom, the  LET   IT   BE

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Let It Be Poem by Beata Dagiel, Lesson on Acceptance